Thing on a Spring (GMTK Game Jam)

This game was my submission for Mark Brown’s Game Maker’s Toolkit Game Jam. The theme for the jam was Downwell’s Dual Purpose Design. The idea is that the same action or function are used for multiple purposes. The example given was that in the game Downwell, firing downwards was not only an attack, but was also how you jumped and moved around.

My take on this theme was that the only actions you can do are rotate left, rotate right and jump. Your character can latch onto ceilings and walls, and when you launch yourself from ceilings and walls, you were able to attack things. In other words, in order to do anything in this game, you needed to master your ability to jump.

The game was made in GameMaker Studio 2 because I wanted to learn as much about the engine as I could, and challenging myself with a brief time limit is a good way of doing that. It worked for me before when I took part in another game jam to learn about Unreal Engine 4, and it worked here too. I have never taken part in a game jam with the intent to win; it has always been about learning.

This game may be played on for Windows only. Click here to view the product page and download link.

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