2D Platform Engine (GameMaker Studio 2)

This engine is currently a work in progress. It is a 2D platforming engine based heavily on platform games for the Sega Master System. The focus up to this point is on the Mickey Mouse games (particularly Land of Illusion).

The reason for picking Land of Illusion is because I believe it is a well-made platforming engine. The jumping, falling and movement of the player feels quite good in my opinion.

The engine is to be expanded and used for a game project that my brother and I have been working on. The graphics are not yet ready for use, so Mickey Mouse himself is being used as a placeholder.

Many of the game’s quirks are implemented into the game. For example, the screen only moves up or down based on Mickey’s current position and action, and anything that is outside the screen’s range is ignored by the player. The main reason they were put in is because they presented a programming challenge for me. It is uncertain if the final game will have these features, but they can be disabled if necessary.

There are also some improvements. An example is that the screen size is not native to the Sega Master System. It has been increased so that the aspect ratio is 16:9, which is the current standard.

Cyan represents the areas that this engine and the Master System version can see, but not Game Gear. The orange areas are outside the Master System’s viewport range.

I have been keeping a development blog for the gameĀ here.

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